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Mumsnet BEST dla hulajnogi Mini Micro

Mumsnet > Product reviews > Mumsnet best - Scooters - Mini Micro T-Bar

Mumsnet > Product reviews > Mumsnet best - Scooters - Mini Micro T-Bar

I czas na kolejny produkt z oferty AktywnegoSmyka wyróżniony w serwisie Mumsnet. Tym razem jest nim nasza ulubiona trójkołowa hulajnoga dla najmłodszych Mini Micro, na którą już od kilku dni obowiązuje świąteczna cena promocyjna!

Mumsnet > Product reviews > Mumsnet best - Scooters - Mini Micro T-Bar

Mumsnet > Product reviews > Mumsnet best - Scooters - Mini Micro T-Bar

Opinii na stronie “Mumsnet – Reviews – Mini Micro T-Bar” jest dużo więc poniżej zamieścimy tylko kilka z nich w skrócie na temat hulajnogi Mini Micro:

This is definitely worth the extra money […] She is 3 1/2 and loves it […] HOWEVER, it is lightweight, has really responsive steering once they get the hang of it and is really stable.
SleepyCat1 on 30-Oct-09 21:04  Overall rating 9.5

Great design – easy to steer, low to ground, lightweight, easy for young ones to balance (even when turning corners). Well worth the money.
Duffer on 26-Jun-09 20:01  Overall rating 10.0

Brilliant scooter for younger children. […] Really easy for them to balance and makes the school run a much quicker experience.
Anon  on 13-Nov-08 14:05  Overall rating 10.0

Ilove this scooter! […] Well worth the money if you buy it when the children are younger.
madamy on 12-Nov-08 20:41  Overall rating 10.0

My daughter adores this scooter and I would go so far as to say it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought for her. The two wheels at the front make it very stable and it doesn’t seem to rattle as much as others going over any kind of uneven pavement. The only gripe I have with the design is that it doesn’t fold down which makes it a bit of a pain for me to carry home after dropping her off at school. She’s had it since the age of two (she’s five now) & Ican see it still going strong for another couple of years. Definitely worth paying extra for.
TKB on 10-Nov-08 19:53  Overall rating 9.5

[…] Because it has three wheels it is very stable and she has rarely fallen off. It is also very light and so easy to sling over a buggy or carry in my hand when she doesn’t want to scoot any more. My nearly two year old is also getting the hang of it.
neolara on 10-Nov-08 13:00  Overall rating 10.0

it’s a good first scooter and very very sturdy – we found ours on the street so it must be second or fourth hand, a bit scuffy but still perfectly stable and safe […]
beforesunrise on 09-Nov-08 08:45  Overall rating 9.0

it is a lovely first scooter with a break and with fixed wheels is relatively easy to scoot.
kaz33 on 08-Nov-08 07:39  Overall rating 8.5

Best thing since sliced bread!!
lilacgirl   on 07-Nov-08 11:51  Overall rating 7.0

My eldest son had this scooter at 3, but didn’t get to grips with it until 4. Since then however he has travelled miles on it, had huge amounts of fun and definitely had our money’s worth with it. It’s made school runs quicker, easier and more fun, and trips out and about much more accessible (no whinging!). Now my younger (and more co-ordinated) 2 year old has inherited the scooter and absolutely loves it. It is light, easy to carry around, has great suspension (compared to other “metal” scooters) and seemingly indestructible […]
cacatchpole   on 06-Nov-08 21:07  Overall rating 10.0

Love it […] it’s lightweight, stable, and good to hook onto the pushchair for spontaneous scooting opportunities. With my second baby in the papoose or pushchair, it’s been a useful extra transport system. Even bearable to pull it along, if he stands on it with both feet. Every child has one, so you’ll need some identifying marks – stickers etc!
Lucyandtheboys   on 06-Nov-08 20:03  Overall rating 9.0

[…] Not the cheapest out there, but worth it.
mummynumber0   on 06-Nov-08 19:29  Overall rating 10.0

My son got this scooter when he was 2 1/2 and people were amazed at how good he was on it. Now all his friends have got one too. They are the best scooters for pre-schoolers – but watch out, they can go really fast! Although they don’t fold down the bar can be removed easily making them very portable.
MacSupermum   on 06-Nov-08 18:39  Overall rating 10.0

I agree with both the above reviewers – it’s a fab machine […]
emmap   on 06-Nov-08 17:46  Overall rating 9.5

[…] I do think that this little machine is one of the the best things ever and has certainly transformed our family life […] They’re not particularly cheap, but make great birthday or christmas presents […]
carriemumsnet   on 04-Nov-08 12:39  Overall rating 9.0

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