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Mumsnet BEST dla rowerka bez pedałów PUKY LR1

Product reviews > Mumsnet best - First bikes - Puky - LR1

Product reviews > Mumsnet best - First bikes - Puky - LR1

Bardzo nas cieszy wyróżnienie przyznane rowerkowi biegowemu  Puky LR1 przez serwis, w którym można przeczytać rady i opinie rodziców (niektóre z nich prezentujemy poniżej). Jurorzy o Puky LR1 piszą: solidny, dobra cena za dobrą jakość, dobrze zrobiony, dobrze zaprojektowany, podoba się nisko prowadzona rama, która ułatwia wsiadanie i zsiadanie, solidny ale lekki… generalnie same Ohhy i Ahhy  :-)

My również bardzo lubimy ten świetny rowerek biegowy, podobnie jak model z hamulcem Puky LR 1Br oraz rowerk biegowy dla najmłodszych czyli Puky LR M.

Product reviews > Mumsnet best - First bikes - Puky - LR1

Product reviews > Mumsnet best - First bikes - Puky - LR1

Poniżej opinie brytyjskich rodziców o rowerku biegowym PUKY LR1

Absolutely fantastic. Bought it for DS when he was only 18 months old – at 21 months he handles it brilliantly and frightens me at times with his daring! It is one of the smallest balance bikes available, although it will grow with him and I imagine it will last him up until he is ready for a ‘real’ bike. It is robust and looks great. And a good price for such a good quality item. Would recommend to anyone.
aimlette on 17-Oct-09 23:29  Overall rating 10.0

Absolutely the best thing I have ever bought for ds. Bought it when he was 2, and it took a few months for him to get the hang of it. By 2.5, he was whizzing around the park, pushing himself along with his feet (no pedals). He’s now 3.9 and adores whizzing down hills with his feet up on the footboard attached to the frame. People constantly comment on how fast he goes and the confidence he shows. It’s amazing to see the balance that has developed – no need for stabilisers. We will definitely be buying the next stage Puky bike with pedals when he is four and passing this Puky on to dd. It looks like it could be passed on to many more children after that. A very well made and well designed starter bike.
RaggedRobin on 16-Sep-09 22:54  Overall rating 10.0

Best “toy” that I’ve bought yet, it was recommended by a friend and I was worried that it was going to be a costly mistake, but my son rides it every day and within 2 weeks is confidently riding down gentle slopes balancing really well. He loves it so much and it has also meant that I can enjoy longer walks now with baby in pushchair and toddler on the bike – he’s much happier than walking. Remember the helmet though! I didn’t really look at other ones, but I like the fact that the Puky crossbar is low – he can get on and off easily and it is also wide and low enough to rest his feet on.
hopperoo on 10-Sep-09 21:25  Overall rating 10.0

Given to my DS for Xmas, and a really smart choice. Robust but light (when you inevitably end up carrying it back from the park…), with adjustable seat (so will last for a couple of years), this balance bike was quickly adopted by my son as his preferred ride-on toy. He is able to get around on this far quicker than he could on a trike. Don’t forget the helmet though!
Anon on 29-Feb-08 13:35  Overall rating 8.5

Mixed feelings so far. My almost 4 year old hasn’t really taken to this – She seems a bit frustrated by it unless she is going down a hill, in which case she likes it! My 2 year old likes it but its a bit big for him. I had in mid that they would use it to race around on, whereas we are finding it more useful for balance learning, rather than for ‘transport’, if you see what I mean. They tend to push it up a hill, then ride down, push it back up etc. Having said that, they are learning better balance and so perhaps I just misunderstood the purpose of the bike. Or perhaps they will learn to use it better as time goes on. It is very well made and seems like it will last for many years.
Astrophe on 27-Feb-08 20:15  Overall rating 7.0

i have to admit that i was very sceptical about this bike and actually told my husband that i didnt want to buy it! it was alot of money for a bike i thought our little one would not be using for very long. our daughter was just 2 when my husband bought the bike and it took a while for her to get into the swing of things…however, she is now 2 1/2 and absolutely loves it! she has the confidence to take her feet off the ground and can go really very fast! her balance is remarkable and she has only fallen off once or twice. she uses the brake with a bit of prompting and we are all amazed by the attention she gets wherever she goes, from old and young alike! despite my initial concerns i would now recommend the puky (shame about the name!) for this age group.
salo on 17-Feb-08 19:20  Overall rating 8.0

better than likeabike, because it’s a step-through, which also means falling off is less of a calamity
Bear on 14-Feb-08 22:33  Overall rating 7.5

Got my son this learning bike when he was 2 years 2 months. He was getting frustrated by his trike which he was too young to pedal and found it very hard work to scoot along on grass. He and I were also getting fed up of me having to push him most of the time. This bike has no pedals, no brakes (children this young are unable to use brakes) or stabilizers. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars. It also has a spring stand. The idea is that the child propels the bike with their feet and learns how to balance without having to also learn how to pedal. It is said that children will then move straight onto a bike without the need for stabilizers. My son absolutely loves it. He can scoot along very fast, overtaking all the much older children on their bikes with stabilizers, which makes him feel very grown up, and when going down any incline just lifts up his feet and steers the bike down. He has developed his balance incredibly quickly. He loves the comments he gets from people when they see this toddler whizzing past them on his tiny (yellow) bike as they walk and he loves the fact that we often have to run after him to keep up with him if we are in a park (it does keep you fit). I thoroughly recommend it. It’s so much fun to see him enjoying himself and learning so quickly. Do get a safety helmet as they do move quickly and do keep raising the seat regularly
teritopcat on 15-Jan-08 21:54  Overall rating 9.0

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